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Sarcoma-General Information

Management of a suspicious mass in soft tissue or bone

It is possible that your doctor has referred you to our multi-disciplinary team for management following the discovery of a suspicious mass in soft tissue or bone. It is important to note that masses are more often benign compared to malignant (sarcoma). To eliminate the possibility of an underlying cancer, imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging or CT scan) or needle biopsy may be suggested before your appointment with your surgeon. Following this investigation, a sarcoma diagnosis may be made.


Sarcomas are rare malignant tumors that develop in mesenchymal tissues such as connective tissues, muscles, adipose tissues (fat), peripheral nervous system, and bones. They make up about 1% of all newly diagnosed cancers in adults and about 15% of malignant tumors in children. Sarcomas are divided into two main categories: soft tissue sarcomas and bone sarcomas.

There are over 100 different subtypes of sarcomas. Each subtype of sarcoma has its own unique features in its management. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most common subtypes of sarcomas.

Desmoid type Fibromatosis              GIST                   Leiomyosarcoma                     Liposarcoma      
MPNST           Osteosarcoma                 Rhabdomyosarcoma             Endometrial Sarcoma