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Sarcoma research plays a crucial role in improving the care and treatments offered to patients. That's why our research team is highly involved with patients. It has collaborated with several global and pan-Canadian research projects for over 20 years and is among the top research teams in Canada.

Our research efforts focus on several areas, including clinical research, translational research, and basic research.

Clinical research encompasses all research activities involving sarcoma patients directly. It includes clinical trials that study experimental treatments as well as registry studies to better understand sarcoma evolution.

To find out about available clinical trials, follow the Clinical Trials link.

To find out about registry studies, follow the Registry Studies link.

Translational and basic research encompasses all research activities focusing on genomic and proteomic analysis of sarcomas to better understand their biology and potentially discover new treatments.

To find out about the sarcoma patient tissue biobank project, follow the Biobank link.

To find out about ongoing basic research projects, follow the Basic Research link.